Steel Villa Projects.

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Steel Villa Projects

    • Carrier systems used in Steel Villa Fabrication are made from hot rolled steel material. It is much different than prefabricated light steel houses that use box profiles and U & C Bent Profiles. Steel villas are more robust than prefabricated houses.
    • The use of hot rolled steel in our steel villa projects allows us to pass long apertures without columns. This allows us to fabricate and erect contemporary designs and stylish houses.
    • Thanks to the composite flooring we have created in our steel villa projects, you will not hear the yawning and sound experienced in light steel prefabricated villas. In other words, when you go upstairs, you will not have the feeling of stretching and shaking on the floor.
    • Steel Villas are highly resistant to earthquakes.BENEFITS
    • Steel has a ductile structure by nature. It provides superior ability in terms of pressure transmission. In other words, when there is a severe earthquake, it transmits the pressure on the earth easily and shows high strength due to its lightness compared to reinforced concrete.
    • In steel villa projects, the carrier system is prepared in the factory environment. You do not encounter measurement errors such as formwork and concrete defects frequently experienced in reinforced concrete systems.
      • Steel Structure Villas are bolted systems. The erection of a Villa that is precisely fabricated in factory environment is being done real quick.
      • We mostly use singular foundation system in our steel villa projects. This system allows us to deploy the building without the need for earthworks in the field which reduces might excavation requirements, keeps the landscape and requires less finance involved.
      • Wall thicknesses are formed in proportion to the steel columns used in steel villa projects. Therefore, your facade insulation is much thicker and superior insulated compared to prefabricated structures.

      Steel villa projects, which have many advantages, allow you to build your dream villa in a very short time. You can realize your dream with steel villa projects that are stylish in design, highly earthquake resistant and offer quality and comfort together.


Steel Villa Projects .

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