Industrial Projects Steel Bridge Projects Multi-Storey Building

Industrial Projects

In the construction of the industrial facility, steel construction provides the earthquake-resistant, reliable and high-bearing structures that serve robustness, lightness, offers desired height and apertures, allowing you to easily be ready for service in a short time and anywhere in the world by adhering to your project.
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Steel Bridge Projects

Structural steel and fastening equipment in use offer excellent advantages, economical and reliable solutions for the production of robust and aesthetic looking connecting bridges, pedestrian walkways, pipe transport bridges, suspension carrier bridge systems and in-building connection applications.
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Multi-Storey Building

Structural Steel Construction Applications used in high-rise buildings can be as follows;

Earthquake-damping seismic insulators applied for building safety, outrigger system applications, tower and crane connection arms, steel facade applications,
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Housing / Office Projects

With the advantage of lightness and durability provided by the steel structure construction technique, wide openings without columns can be obtained and composite flooring application can be successfully applied in multi-storey applications.
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Silos / Tanks Projects

We can provide you with production and assembly services in your silo and tank projects made of steel sheets of various quality.
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Steel Pallets

Steel Pallets Offer You Many Advantages! ..

  • Steel pallets provide superior performance at high capacity loads
  • It is resistant to moisture and not affected by temperature differences
  • Steel pallets are hygienic. It does not contain micro-dirt like wooden material.

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Design Your Structure !..

You may design your Building Structure in a matter of minutes with our easy to use 3D Online Building Configurator and Send Us Your Offer Request to receive a quick Quotation.

Why You Should Choose Us x

Professional Staff

Our staff and management staff are experts with extensive experience gained from many projects in the field. Our company has been following innovative solutions day by day.

Our Factory

Our workshop has a closed area of 3.500 m2, established on an area of 5.000 m2. It consists of 4 halls in total and we have a 10-ton overhead crane and complete machines in each hall.

Practical Solutions

It is our priority to use our knowledge and experience to provide cost effective manufacturing technique advice and project detailing solutions that will meet the specific usage needs of our customers at maximum level.

Quality Production

Our productions are produced in international quality in EN 1090 Norms and each process is individually audited.

Reference First

Satisfaction and good references created by our high-quality manufacturing and construction projects completed successfully in a timely manner is the most efficient new business and customer acquisition method for us.

All Services in One Place

You can carry out all the work from the design of your projects to the assembly with our company.

Steel Villa Projects x

Our Steel Villa projects have different and superior features than reinforced concrete, prefabricated and wooden villa projects. In our projects, the building carrier system is made of rolled steel. Box profiles, bending u / c profiles made of sheet metal are not used in the carrier system. For this reason, long spans in our projects can be passed without columns, and composite flooring application is successfully applied in two-storey projects. Our steel villa projects are delivered in a short time. Thanks to the bolted connection, the carrier system is produced in our factory, and it is combined with bolts without cutting in the assembly area. OMKON YAPI SAN. TIC. A.Ş.
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